South India Jewellers
Swarna Lakshmi Purchase Plan

  • This is an advance for your future purchase.
  • The Purchase Plan will be called as SWARNA LAKSHMI PURCHASE PLAN.
  • The Term of the Plan is 11 months.
  • The customer has to pay a minimum of Rs.1000/- (Rupees one thousand only) or in multiples of Rs.1000/- in each and every month during the plan period of 11 months.
  • On completion of 11 months, the customers will be offered Rs.1000/-towards DISCOUNT on purchase of Jewellery against their payment of Rs.11,000/-provided the customer should pay the advance of Rs.1000/-in every rnonth for a continuous period of 11 months without fail.
  • At the end of the plan, members can take delivery of gold omaments, diamond jewellery or silver articles only.
  • Cash will not be refunded under any circumstances
  • The member should make the purchase and take delivery of the omaments before the completion of 12 months period i.e. before 365 days from the date of 1st payment.
  • Member can pay their future advance every month by cash at any of our JEWELLERY Stores in Hyderabad or Secunderabad and also can do online payment through our website:
  • The rate of gold omaments/sliver articles is applicable on the prevailing rate as on the date of purchase of the gold ornaments/silver articles.
  • Customers have to check their plan card regularly to ensure that all payments are correctly entered in it. Any discrepancy in the entry should be brought to the notice of the management for rectification immediately.
  • Members who discontinue this Purchase Plan before 11 months are not be eligible for DISCOUNT. They will get back their payments in the equivalent form of gold ornaments, diamond Jewellery or silver articles as agreed.
  • No gold coins (22ct or 24 ct coins) Purchase is permissible under any circumstances in this plan.
  • Any special offers brought out by the Company from time to time are not applicable for this SWARNA LAKSHMI PURCHASE PLAN.
  • In the case of death of the member, legal heirs should get the benefits of the Purchase Plan on presentation of legal heir-certificate.
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  • All the disputes shall be decided within the jurisdiction of Hyderabad only.